Swimmer Absence Notification

If a swimmer is not able to attend one of their allocated swimming sessions please can you let us know – whether in advance or soon after.

Preferably use the email address:



Text 0774 520 3057

(This mobile is only switched on for Sundays and Gala days. Absences will be processed on these days)

Please include the swimmers name– their group – the date of the session – the reason for absence.

Many reasons for absence are logged as attendance with notes as they are beyond the swimmers control rather than just didn’t want to show up. Relevant absence reasons included are:

Illness – Injury – School commitment – Exams – School/College visits – family holidays

Information Desk. Got a Question? Need some Help?


A Central Point of Contact is available for Swimmers and Parents of Swadlincote Swimming Club.

On Sunday’s, someone from the Committee will be available at Greenbank Leisure Centre between 5pm and 8pm. A sign will be placed on a table so you know who to approach with your queries. So if you need help with something just ask.

Alternatively any questions can be asked via the Contact Form on this website and a response will be given as quickly as possible.


Land Training – Use it or Lose it !!!!!!

Numbers have dropped again for Land Training, unless numbers increase for both sessions we risk losing it, missing out on the potential benefits that this brings to swimmers

Sessions are held in the Grove Hall at Greenbank Leisure Centre on Sundays and cost £2.

Zeta Group Sundays 5.00pm – 5.45pm.

Omega Group 6.00pm – 6.45pm.



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Saturday Session for Swimmers aged 9,10 and 11

An extra swimming session has been arranged for Swimmers of Diddy League age, 9, 10 and 11 year olds.

Ann will be running the session from 5pm to 6pm at Greenbank Leisure Centre on the 11th April 2015 aimed at improving Dive Starts and Sprints.

For further information please see Ann Jones.

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Message from Bob Harris – Chairman of Swadlincote Dolphins

Dear All,

It is with some regret that I have resigned from my position as Chair of the Committee. For a variety of reasons, it seems the right time to move on and allow someone else to have a turn. Most Members will not understand the complexities of what the Committee is required to do, or the time it occupies, and why should you?

Constantly working in the background, we have neither the profile nor visibility of the Coaching Team, but swimmers work with resources acquired by the Committee, are kept safe by the Committee, and swim within systems designed by the Committee. For those of you that like the sound of such a role, I’m sure that you would find involvement in the workings of the Club very rewarding and urge you to put your names forward when the opportunity arises.

For myself, my daughter joined the Club 14 years ago, and I have never regretted a moment since.

I joined the Committee many years ago and became Chair after that. As Dickens would say, “It has been the best of times, it has been the worst of times”, but mostly it has been a privilege to work alongside Coaches and Colleagues past and present.

My particular thanks go to Paul Brockwell and Daren Golder, for being pillars of support and for adding a calm, patient tone in times of need. Please all accept my thanks for all that you do for the Club, and to Coaches past and present, I thank you too and wish you well for the future.

Best Wishes

Bob Harris

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Eckington Open – Sunday 10th May 2015

There is an oppurtuniy for swimmers to enter an Open Meet at Eckington, Derbyshire. S21 4DA.

Full details and an Entry Form are below.

ESC 2015 Entry Pack


If interested please hand completed forms to Daren Golder along with payment, (cheques payable to Swadlincote Swimming Club) by Friday 10th April 2015 so that they can be processed.

As this is not a target meet, a Volunteer Team Manager will be required, and participating swimmers will be required to contribute to the Coaches Passes.

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Easter Break

There will be no training sessions due to the Easter Holidays on Friday 3rd April and Sunday 5th April 2015.

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Braunstone Novice Gala

Well done to all the swimmers that were at the Braunstone Gala on Saturday.
For a lot of the swimmers this was their first Competitive Gala, and some were very nervous.
Everyone soon got into spirit of it all and were encouraging their team mates on.
We got 6 Firsts 7 Second placings.
The Final position on the Evening.
Neptunes A        240 points
Coalville              211 points
Swadlincote        210 points
Go Dolphins…

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Updated Midland Qualifying Times

The 2015 Midland Qualifying Times have been issued and can be found in the Swimmers Information Section.

2015 Midland Times


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Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Sainsburys 2015

We are again collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers, so please start collecting and ask friends and family to get involved too. The vouchers will be used to obtain training equipment for the club.

Please hand vouchers in on a Sunday Evening at Greenbank Leisure Centre to a Committee Member that will be sat at the information table.

We collected 3335 vouchers last year, it would be great to beat that this year.



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Events Calendar 2015

The Events Calendar has now been updated for the first half of the year.

Please click here to view   - Events Calendar.

Some locations still need to be set and the warm up and start times confirmed. This will be done as soon as we are notified.

Team Sheets will be displayed on the Noticeboard at Greenbank.



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Leicester Winter League 2015 – Round 1

After last years fantastic and well deserved win in the Leicester ASA Division 2 Winter League, we have now been promoted to Division 1 and the first round of this years competition for Swadlincote Swimming Club will be at Hinkley Leisure Centre.

Saturday 17th January

Postcode LE10 0JR.

Warm up starts at 5.30pm for a Gala Start at 6.00pm.

We will be competing against:

Melton ‘A’

Leicester Sharks ‘A’

Hinkley ‘B’

Kettering ‘A’

Wellingborough ‘A’


Round 1 Draw


Please see the Noticeboard at Greenbank Leisure Centre for the team Sheet.


Last years results  – 2014 Final League Tables


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Congratulations Autumn League Squad – 3rd Place

Well done to all Swimmers who took part in any of the 3 Rounds of the Leicester Autumn League 2014.

3rd Place

10632866_10206048287312429_8298175855762767607_n              10406775_10206048286512409_5318727039466348327_n



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ASA Competition Pathway

The ASA Competition Pathway Document is now available to view,  it can be found in the Swimmers Information section.


ASA Competition Pathway.

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Club Kit

If anyone is interested in Club T-shirts or Hoodies, samples of the T-shirts sizes and order forms will be available at the help desk on Sunday evenings.

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Club Logo Water Bottles – Now Available

We now have some Water Bottles that have the club logo on.

They are 750ml in size and cost £3.00. They will start to go on sale from today.

If you would like one then please see Adrian James, or any member of the committee, on Sundays at Greenbank Leisure Centre.

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New Rates of Membership Fees.

Please ensure that you have amended your Membership Fees Standing Order to the new rates that came into effect on the 1st September 2014

Current Fees (from 1st September 2014)

Mini’s Groups………………………………………………….£14.00 per month
Junior Groups…………………………………………………£29.00 per month
Senior Groups…………………………………………………£38.50 per month
Alpha, Zeta, Omega & Masters Groups………………..……..£38.50 per month.

Backdated payments WILL be required if Standing Orders have not be changed.

A new Standing order mandate form is available to download if required.


If you send your bank a new form, please remember to get them to cancel the previous Standing order. One of the easiest ways to change your payments is by Internet banking if you have that facility ( The Form gives you the Banking Details)

Any concerns or problems please see a member of the Committee. (Someone should always be available on Sunday Evenings at Greenbank)

Thanks for you co-operation on this matter, this is the first Fee increase for 3 years.

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